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Panorama of the hut area as seen from Silver Peak (big download)

Topo map of the hut area


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Return to the Bradley Hut,
February 2004

Tahoe North Shore, California

By Chris "bcrider" Gallardo

Photos (c) 2004  mmcpheet.com, except where indicated.

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bcrider lays down a sweet rooster tail above the Bradley Hut

Went back to the Bradley Hut last week for some mid-week fun.

There has been quite the splitboard community growing over on the couliormag.com forum and we are planning our own little festival in Utah around the 1st of April. It should be a good time with MFG support and all.  The Sierra chapter decided to have it’s own little warm up event and take advantage of some favorable conditions.

We worked a full day on Monday and planned on picking gimpy up in SLT on our way to the trailhead. Unfortunately he had a heel spur bugging him and he couldn’t come.

We made it around the lake and decided to use the 7-11 at the Squaw Valley entrance as our staging area to dial in our packs and gear as opposed to the darkness of the trailhead on the 89 with cars whizzing past us.  We started hiking at 9:11pm and must have got some strange comments for people passing us as we walked along the road to the alternate trailhead. Like look at these idiots… they must be lost. Little did they know we weren’t and knew exactly what we were doing. The plan to hike the 5 miles to the hut that evening meant we could get an early start in the morning with fresh legs.

Having done the hike in once before made this trip a breeze and the almost full moon gave us plenty of light. It also scared us a little when it came up over a ridge ˝ way in the hike, we thought somebody with headlamps was coming up on us it was so bright. We made it to the hut in 2hrs 20mins, had a beer I carried in and hit the sack.

mmcpheet starts the night skin



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