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Mt. Shasta via the Tourist Route, June 1999

"Hey, let's go climb a volcano."  It sounded like a reasonable thing to do at the time.  My buddy Kevin is always coming up with ideas like that ("hey, let's ski to minturn", or "hey, i think i might move to alaska" or "hey, lets file the serial number off this boat and ditch it in the mexican desert.")  I wasn't sure whether I'd live or die whenever I did stuff with Kevin.  This time, fortunately, I lived.   

The Story:

So I had just quit my job as a law firm lawyer to go join a (then really promising but you know the rest of the story) dot com.  As if that decision weren't dangerous enough, I decided to take my wife on a climbing trip with Kevin and the rest of the gang.  We set our sights on Mt. Shasta, the second highest of the Cascade volcanoes (after Mt. Rainier), and home to California's largest glaciers.  We climbed via the "tourist route" -- Bunny Flat (6,900') to the summit (14,162') by way of Avalanche Gulch.  We had perfect weather, almost all of us made the summit and nobody got hurt.  A minor miracle, to say the least. 

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