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May 2002 


Note:  clicking on any photograph will present a full screen version.

On the Summit.  Another self timer shot from the summit of North Peak.  Mount Conness is behind me.  You can also pick out Half Dome way down in Yosemite Valley at the far right of the photo (at the edge, just below the horizon).

Summit Couloir.  A few steps to the north of the summit, there is a *nasty* couloir that splits the north face of the peak.  Just wide enough to fit a human body at its narrowest point, this chute drops nearly all the way to the base of the peak nearly 2,000 feet below.

Summit View to North.  Here's a summit view looking up towards Matterhorn Peak (right above my left elbow) and the NE Yosemite wilderness.

Mount Dana & Ellery Bowl.  From the summit, one can see over the East Ridge of Mount Conness, across Tioga Pass to Mount Dana.  The large left-angling snow bowl to the left of the peak is the Ellery Bowl, a favorite Tioga-area ski descent.

Banner Peak & Mount Ritter.  High up in the Ansel Adams Wilderness near Mammoth Lakes, Banner Peak and Mount Ritter crown the Ritter Range.  From North Peak, they are clearly visible on the horizon (center of photo). 


Click here for a very cool annotated summit panorama looking to the south.


Matterhorn Peak.  Looking to the north, Shepherd Crest dominates the foreground, while Matterhorn Peak stands out on the horizon.  Also visible from the right side of the photo are Twin Peaks, Virginia Peak, Stanton Peak (below Matterhorn) and Whorl Mountain (left of Matterhorn).


Click here for a very cool annotated summit panorama looking to the north.

Dunderberg Peak.  Twin summits of Dunderberg Peak, above Virginia Lakes.  Note the absolute lack of snow on this 12,350+ peak.


My Ski Tracks.  From the summit, I skied back down the south slopes, jogging left to avoid a cliff band.  As the photo implies, the corn snow was absolutely perfect.

Point Release.  I saw this wet snow avalanche come down from the sun-warmed rocks halfway up the southeast face of North Peak.



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