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TeleTips NorCal Corn Harvest, Virginia Lakes, CA -- May 2003


"Calling all Tahoe/Reno/No Cal Posters and Lurkers . . ."

And so it began.   Innocently enough, I suppose.  A non-specific invitation to ski with mostly unknown persons in an undeclared location.  Personally, I thought it sounded like fun.

A month or so later, the plan somehow coalesced.  A rag-tag bunch of skiers and riders over 25 in number converged on what (prior to our arrival) was a quaint, off-the-beaten-track ice fishing oasis.  Ah, Virginia Lakes.  We were like Richard Dreyfus and the other freaks in Close Encounters -- we really didn't know each other, but we were collectively drawn to that spot by something powerful.  In our case, it was Corn Snow, a/k/a Porn Snow, a/k/a "Spring Deelite".  At a time when most "skiers" had long ago hung their boards up for the summer, this group was just getting started.

Believe it or not, our common link was a website.  Even more bizarre was the fact that this website -- telemarktips.com -- purports to be a telemark skiing webzine, and yet our group was comprised of telemarkers, randonee skiers and a couple of snowboarders.  All sharing the love of backcountry glisse followed by a good bottle of Black Butte Porter.  We had two glorious days of sun, corn and fun, getting to know each other a little better in the process.  I had a great time.  If you were there,  you know the vibe I'm talking about.  If you weren't, what's wrong with you?

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